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Supervisory board role and structure

The Supervisory Board supervises the Management Board, and the general course of affairs in the company and in FMO's business. All members are available to the Management Board for strategic advice. They are able to provide advice on specific issues through two dedicated committees, one on audit and risk management, and the other on selection, appointment and remuneration.

Supervisory Board members are appointed by the AGM. The Supervisory Board currently comprises six members with specific expertise in areas relevant to FMO's activities. The Supervisory Board also strives to have at least two female members. In 2012, this goal was achieved with the appointment of Alexandra Schaapveld as successor to Dolf Collee, who retired in 2012. The AGM reappointed Agnes Jongerius and Pier Vellinga. Agnes Jongerius took on the role of Chair of the Selection, Appointment & Remuneration Committee.

On advice of the Selection, Reappointment & Remuneration Committee, the Supervisory Board reappointed Nanno Kleiterp as CEO and Jürgen Rigterink as CIO as per 1 October 2012. The AGM was informed about the intended reappointments earlier in May.

FMO subscribes to the four 'core competences' for banks' Management and Supervisory Boards. Board members are required to have sufficient expertise on the following subjects:

  • Management, organization and communication;
  • Relevant products, services and markets;
  • Sound management; and
  • Well-balanced and consistent decision-making.

The introduction program for new Supervisory Board members includes meetings with the Management Board and Works' Council. New members gain further insight into FMO's working processes and target markets through discussions with directors of various departments, investment officers and environmental and social specialists.

The Supervisory Board would like to thank Dolf Collee again for the many years he dedicated to FMO and his valuable contributions on many occasions.

Supervisory board structure and memberships

Supervisory Board member  Personal information  Initial appointment  End of current appointment  Supervisory Board Committee membership 
Jean Frijns
Dutch, 1947, male  2010  2014  Audit & Risk Committee

Selection, Appointment & Remuneration Committee
Bert Bruggink  Dutch, 1963, male  2009  2013  Audit & Risk Committee, Chairman 
Dolf Collee  Dutch, 1952, male  2001  2012  Selection, Appointment & Remuneration Committee

Chairman (until 9 May 2012)
Agnes Jongerius  Dutch, 1960, female  2008  2016 Selection, Appointment & Remuneration Committee

Chair (as of 9 May 2012)
Alexandra Schaapveld Dutch, 1958, female 2012 2016 Audit & Risk Committee (as of 9 May 2012)
Pier Vellinga Dutch, 1950, male 2008 2016 Audit & Risk Committee
Rein Willems
Vice Chairman
Dutch, 1945, male 2006 2014 Audit & Risk Committee (until 9 May 2012)

Selection, Appointment & Remuneration Committee (as of 9 May 2012)

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