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Our 2009-2012 strategy focused on sustainability, partnerships and several focus sectors: Financial Institutions, Energy and, until recently, Housing[1]. Agribusiness, Food & Water was added as a focus sector in 2011. These sectors are integral to economic, social and environmental progress. FMO selects projects in these sectors because, owing to their often large scales, use of natural resources and importance to human development, they have high potential to create significant, positive developmental impact.

Our expertise in our 'focus' sectors means we can offer clients extensive knowledge and added value. We also take on projects in other sectors where we expect positive development outcomes. In cases where we do not have the necessary expertise ourselves, we partner with banks or other institutions that do.

We aim to finance at least 35% of our portfolio in low-income countries. In the past, approximately 90% of people living under the poverty line[2] lived in these low-income countries. The composition of poverty is changing, however, and we see that a substantial amount of the people living below the poverty line now inhabit countries considered middle-income countries. Although we do not directly finance those below the poverty line, we do invest in companies, projects and financial institutions whose businesses have a positive impact on the livelihoods of those below the poverty line.

Taking into account the changing nature of development finance and of poverty, our 2013-2016 strategy is aimed at placing us at the forefront of inclusive and sustainable development finance.

1] Housing was previously a focus sector, but was discontinued at the end of 2011 due to unfavorable market circumstances. This will be further elaborted on in the Housing section.
2] We use the commenly accepted international defenition of poverty line: living on roughly US$1 per day.

committed portfolio per income group (rated on date of commitment) (%)

FMOTotal (including government funds)FMOTotal (including government funds)FMOTotal (including government funds)FMOTotal (including government funds)

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