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Every two years we conduct a Client Satisfaction Survey. In 2012 we conducted our first joint Client Satisfaction Survey with fellow DFIs DEG and Proparco. We saw the joint survey as an opportunity to benchmark and to learn from each other’s strengths and weaknesses. The survey was conducted by Effectory, a Netherlands-based research agency. Some 1,011 of our clients received an online questionnaire, of which 510 responded. This produced a satisfying response rate of 50.4%.

FMO scored 8.3 out of 10, with customers reporting most satisfaction with reliability and reputation, communication information requirements and business understanding. Although scores were still good in these areas, clients were less satisfied with knowledge transfer, innovativeness, competitiveness of terms and conditions and extended network. A Net Promoter Score of 76.1% showed clients to be very loyal to FMO. The scores of the survey will be shared within the organization and compared with the 2010 survey to see were improvements have been and can be made.

Clients were also involved in the development of our 2013-2016 strategy. During the preparation of the new strategy, we interviewed 28 client CEOs, asking them about trends that affect their businesses and about their opinion of FMO, our product range and our service delivery. Other important contact points with our clients are conferences. We held several conferences in 2012, including a successful Financial Institutions conference on the future of banking. During these events clients, FMO staff and various external participants, such as Government officials, have the opportunity to meet and discuss topics relevant to their own and the collective interests. These conferences are a valuable tool for knowledge sharing and networking.

On an ongoing basis, we send management letters to Financial Institutions clients containing key findings from due diligence processes. We send a client questionnaire after every transaction is closed, followed up by a phone call from an FMO manager to discuss the outcome. Outcomes are shared among staff and used for internal improvements.

Every year, we organize a 'client board' in Latin America. Current and former clients join FMO representatives in discussing topics such as the regional economic, social and political environment, the role of development banks, FMO's focus sectors and our strengths and weaknesses. Outcomes are shared within FMO to improve our business.

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