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Partnerships are an important part of FMO’s private equity approach. Fund managers as well as our direct investee companies increasingly expect FMO to play a more active role, using our networks, experience and expertise in areas ranging from ESG, knowledge of markets and regional best practices to asset and liability risk management.

Growing businesses need knowledgeable investors that not only provide funding, but also share a long-term vision. We continued to work closely with fund managers in 2012, supporting the implementation of pragmatic and workable environmental and social management systems in their operations through one-on-one visits from our E&S specialists.

Our proprietary environmental, social and governance (ESG) toolkit for private equity fund managers provides an overview of all relevant ESG risks and policies per sector and country, as well as showing potential opportunities applicable to specific types of investment.

Encouraging good corporate governance remains a priority for FMO, particularly when investing in financial institutions, which often lend to sensitive sectors such as infrastructure, agribusiness or oil and gas.

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