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Outlook 2013

Under our ambitious new strategy, we aim to recruit more than 100 new employees over a four-year period, in addition to filling existing positions. We expect the total number of staff to grow to more than 350 by the end of 2013. This brings new organizational challenges for FMO.

To adapt to this growth, FMO will need to strengthen leadership in all layers of our organization and further standardize processes. Special attention will be paid to helping new hires adapt to the culture and values of FMO and improving cooperation within teams through an onboarding program. To strengthen leadership, we will further enhance the management development program, focusing on skills such as giving feedback and learning from one another.

In 2013 and beyond we will strive to uphold our reputation as an employer of choice and developer of talent. As FMO becomes a larger organization in the coming years, we will continually address the impact of growth on employees and respond effectively. Throughout, we will cultivate operational excellence and cooperation as pillars of FMO’s workplace culture.