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2012 was a very productive year for MASSIF, financing 21 different clients with examples in local currency, start-up funds, technical assistance combinations, new ventures in existing networks, and a first local syndicate behind MASSIF. 18 of these financial institutions serve small and medium enterprise (SME) clients, the other 3 focus on rural microfinance. Of the 21 clients, 12 received equity and 10 received debt financing.

New Government funding of €80 million was awarded to MASSIF in December 2012, to be applied toward final clients in the agricultural and rural sectors. In the coming year our revolving portfolio will also be more geared towards SME financing. These new ambitions will be supported by the €15 million new Capacity Development funding. In 2013, MASSIF will further develop its diversified portfolio, with a solid balance between equity and debt and an increased focus on innovative agribusiness and rural clients.

For MASSIF, 2012 was also a year of focus on impact and performance measurement. In line with the 2013-2016 strategy, we will strengthen our efforts to further develop reporting on impact – monitoring both financial and social impact – and contributing to full financial inclusion, wherein everyone has access the financial services needed to improve their lives.