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Introduction to Sector focus

FMO services sectors that we believe can have high long-term impact – Financial Institutions, Energy and Agribusiness, Food & Water. Access to finance, sustainable energy and secure food supplies are important for achieving economic and social progress in developing countries.

Accessible finance is a cornerstone for viable economies and strong private sectors. A healthy financial sector can bolster entrepreneurs and individuals alike. FMO focuses on financial institutions with long-term goals that can bolster their developing markets and communities.

We also support financial institutions in reaching international best practices, for example, in asset liability management, risk management, product development, environmental risk management and implementation of client protection principles.

For developing countries, access to reliable and affordable energy is essential for economic and social progress.

Energy is crucial for running businesses, institutions and households alike. Renewable energy is an integral part of making a positive impact in terms of sustainability and climate. Without renewable alternatives, fragile fossil fuels such as oil, coal and gas continue to be depleted. And natural disasters from climate change are more frequent and devastating – putting even more pressure on resources. 

A surging global population demands long-term accessibility of affordable food. Food security and access to affordable nourishment are crucial in developing countries, where 60-80% of income is spent on food.

Achieving long-term sustainability in global agribusiness production requires large investments targeted at improving farming practices, increasing yields and reducing waste. FMO finances agribusiness companies throughout the value chain, including farming, processing and distribution operations.

Initiatives from other diverse sectors that promise sustainable impact can also benefit from FMO’s services, expertise and global network. We support businesses from other sectors that demonstrate such impact potential. In cooperation with our partners, we are active in a diverse range of non-focus sectors. These include infrastructure, such as telecommunications, airports, roads, railways, manufacturing and mining.

New contracts per sector (€xmln)

Financial Institutions
Investment fundsOtherEnergyAgribusiness, Food & WaterDiverse SectorsTotal