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Introduction to Our People

At FMO, our people are our most valuable asset. Characterized by an entrepreneurial spirit and sense of personal involvement in the success of our business, FMO employees are highly committed to the bank’s vision and mission.

The last year was a busy one for Human Resources, as we implemented a new management development program, opened a joint office with DEG in Johannesburg and worked on recruitment to support our expansion plans for the upcoming strategic period.

We helped employees of our former Housing department to transition into new positions, following the decision to discontinue Housing as a focus sector. The staff affected by this change have all succeeded in taking on new positions at FMO.

Employee Figures

Headcount2012 2011 2010 
Total headcount ultimo330 314 293 
Average headcount324 302 286 
FTE2012 2011 2010 
FTE ultimo310 294 274 
Average FTE306 283 270 
Average years in service7.9 7.1 6.5 
Average age41.2 40.8 40.7 
Parttimers2012 2011 2010 
Male35 37 34 
Female75 74 74 
Absenteeism2012 2011 2010 
Percentage 2.40% 3.83% 2.84%