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Infrastructure Development Fund

The Infrastructure Development Fund (IDF) was established by the Dutch Ministry of Development Cooperation and FMO to facilitate economic growth and create sustainable development impact through the provision or improvement of essential basic infrastructure. Through the establishment of reliable infrastructure the IDF aims to contribute toward the creation of employment and to widen prospects for local businesses. By extending high-risk financing and providing long-term debt solutions, the Fund aims to catalyze private sector investors in order to stimulate the development and realization of sustainable infrastructure transactions throughout the developing world. The IDF is a diversified fund with a committed portfolio of over €340 million in assets in energy, transport, ports, agribusiness, water, environment and social infrastructures. 

New Contracts 2012 vs 2011 (€xmln)

2012Financial InstitutionsEnergyAgribusiness, Food & WaterDiverse SectorsTotal
Latin America & the Caribbean090615
Eastern Europe & Central Asia00000
Non-region specific00 000
2011Financial InstitutionsEnergyAgribusiness, Food & WaterDiverse SectorsTotal
Latin America & the Caribbean06006
Eastern Europe & Central Asia00000
Non-region specific000 00