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Fonds Opkomende Markten OS

Another highlight of 2012 was a new fund developed in cooperation with the Ministry of International Trade and Development Cooperation, and will focus primarily on the agribusiness, food and water sectors. It will also finance SMEs in developing countries, particularly those that have a close link with Dutch enterprises. The Fund will have a relatively high risk profile, and is targeting a volume of €40 million at the end of 2015.

New Contracts 2012 (€xmln)

2012 1Financial InstitutionsEnergyAgribusiness, Food & WaterDiverse SectorsTotal
Latin America & the Caribbean00000
Eastern Europe & Central Asia00101
Non-region specific 00000
The mandate to operate the fund Emerging Markets for Development Countires has been received inSeptember 2012 and the first two contributions of €5.35 million each have been received in November and December. With the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation it has been agreed upon to report on an extended 2012/2013 book year.

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