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FMO Investment Management

We took important steps in 2012 to establish FMO’s own fund management activities. FMO’s dedicated Investment Management team will play an important role in making FMO's significant expertise in responsible emerging market investing available to commercial investors and in catalyzing third-party money to our markets.

Our fund management activities are already well under way. In 2012, we strengthened our expertise in this area by forming a partnership with US fund-of-funds manager Fairview Capital Partners. Our joint FMO-Fairview Africa Fund will provide institutional investors with new opportunities to invest in high-growth markets in Africa. Last year, we prepared this pan-African fund-of-funds for formal marketing, which is due to commence in early 2013.

Fund management activities will play a key role in our new strategy for 2013-2016, as we focus on increasing our added value for clients and catalyzing more funds from commercial investors. Through an investor-driven approach, we will match investor appetite with FMO’s experience in selected sectors, products and regions. The resulting fund propositions aim for a diversified portfolio with healthy financial results and high impact. We believe commercial viability and sustainability can go hand in hand, as demonstrated by FMO’s profitable track record and our high sustainability rating. Our dedicated FMO Investment Management team will offer investors focused and professional investment management services.

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