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Due to the Eurozone volatility and challenges in mobilizing Western commercial investors to finance long-tenor loans, FMO fell short of meeting its catalyzing goals for 2012 and the overall 2009-2012 strategic period. FMO was, however, successful in mobilizing commercial partners before the financial crisis, and in the coming year will focus on investors from the South to partially replace withdrawal from the North. Our syndications team plays an important role in this, and has the objective of increasing the share of non-DFI participation in FMO’s syndicated transactions.

FMO’s growing fund management activities will play an important role in attracting institutional investors to impact investing. We see this small but emerging segment as an opportunity to lead investors towards emerging markets, poverty reduction and sustainable finance.

Although our strategic aim is to be more active in low-income countries, opportunities for catalyzing funds are generally concentrated in upper-middle-income countries. In 2013, FMO will focus on catalyzing in the more advanced emerging markets in Asia and Latin America, such as India, Indonesia and Peru, where our experience has proven that we can successfully mobilize third-party funds. Strengthening ties with our network of investors and partners in these markets will be prioritized.