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Outlook 2013

For 2013, catalyzing third-party funds remains high on our agenda. We will focus on taking more leading lead arranger roles in transactions in our focus sectors, especially in Energy, providing access to larger financing amounts and broader services. We will continue to mobilize funds from both commercial investors and other development finance institutions.

We expect to catalyze commercial funds mainly to more developed emerging markets, although we will pursue opportunities in both the North and South. At the same time, our partnerships with other international DFIs will enable us to mobilize money in countries where it is difficult for commercial investors to operate. In 2013 we aim to improve our mobilizing processes and boosting efficiency with our DFI partners.

Under the new strategy, we will also focus on further professionalizing FMO’s services by developing local and regional commercial investment networks for syndications and setting up our new fund management business. Setting up FMO Investment Management and building our investor network will help guide more third parties to our markets. By 2020, our strategic goal is to mobilize as many euros with third parties in our financings and investments as we do on our own account.

FMO’s treasury will focus on growing our US dollar investor base, placing our sustainability bonds, continuing to professionalize and growing our own balance sheet. We believe there is a good market among Dutch investors for sustainability bonds and seek to further establish FMO in this area in 2013.