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Employee Satisfaction

A highlight of the year was FMO being ranked Best Employer in the Dutch Financial Sector by research company Effectory and publisher VNU Media, based on a survey of banks, insurance companies and financial consultants. FMO also ranked eighth Best Employer in the Netherlands among companies with up to 1,000 employees. We see this as an example of how social responsibility in the financial sector can create high employee satisfaction.

Every two years we administer an employee satisfaction survey. In 2012 92% of employees participated in the survey, and produced a high overall satisfaction score of 8.1 out of 10. This was a positive improvement on our 2010 score of 7.8. Employees also reported a score of 7.3 for motivation, 8.9 for commitment and 8.2 for engagement – all of which were improvements from the 2010 scores.

The survey also identified points for improvement. We will focus on implementing three key improvements in 2013: enhancing the efficiency of our processes, making it easier for people to give and ask for feedback and stimulating the cooperation within teams and between departments.

Employee Figures

Absenteeism2012 2011 2010 
Percentage 2.40% 3.83% 2.84%
Influx2012 2011 2010 
male15 14 6 
female12 28 18 
Exit2012 2011 2010 
Leavers (excl. early retirement)134%165%124%
Average years in service leavers45 50 5.5 
Average age leavers38.4 41.6 38.1 
(early) retirement1 1 1 
Vacancies per ultimo2012 2011 2010 
Directorate Corporate1 1 4 
Directorate Investment5 3 9 
Directorate Risk Management & Finance6 6 5 
Total12 10 18