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FMO strives to create an inclusive and diverse workforce. We believe that diversity not only contributes to a richer and more enjoyable workplace but also gives FMO a long-term business advantage. We focus on three key diversity goals: increasing the number of women in management positions, accommodating ageing employees and managing cultural differences.

As a signatory to the 'Talent to the Top' Charter, one of FMO’s key diversity goals has been to increase the representation of women in the top three levels of FMO management to 30% by the end of 2012. The composition came close to the target, with women representing 26% of senior and middle managers by year-end. We are on target in our Supervisory Board, where two of the six members are women. There are no female members of the Management Board. We continue to strive for greater gender balance in our staff, but do take into consideration the limited number of open senior managerial positions.

With the retirement age in the Netherlands set to increase, we continued investigating ways to better accommodate ageing employees. One such initiative is the ‘Reflect and Act’ career check workshop, designed to help staff approaching retirement make the most of their final years of employment.

Respecting age diversity means considering the needs of employees across all stages of life, from young parents to those nearing retirement. We seek to provide workplace conditions that allow our employees to perform to the best of their abilities. A series of well-attended ‘Diversity Dinners’ were organized in 2012, bringing together employees of all ages, genders and cultural backgrounds to discuss diversity-related topics. We received very positive feedback on these dinners, as well as specific suggestions for improving cultural consideration and interactions.

Another internal goal we had set was to increase the number of non-Dutch nationals to 15% of our workforce by 2012. By the end of last year we were close to reaching this goal, with 25 different nationalities represented at FMO (not counting those with dual nationality if one of them was Dutch). This represents 13% of our workforce, helping us to create a more culturally diverse organization that is attractive for new international staff members.

We held trainings to help improve managers’ awareness of the benefits of multicultural teams. We advocated English-language communications within FMO, encouraging Dutch employees to adopt English for all in-house communications, to strengthen FMO’s international orientation.

For detailed information on FMO’s employee figures for 2012 and organizational structure, please refer to the organizational chart and employee figures on our website.

Employee Figures

Senior management (MB + directors)2012 2011 2010 
Total16 16 17 
Middle management (Managers)2012 2011 2010 
Total31 30 28 
Nationalities2012 2011 2010 
# Dutch employees28887%27588%26289%
# non-Dutch employees4213%3912%3111%
number of different nationalities25 22 17 

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