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Outlook 2013

From a transaction perspective, 2013 looks promising for Diverse Sectors. Our main challenge will be to close the transactions under management at the end of 2012, which required more time to bring all the involved parties together.

We will focus on strengthening cooperation with DEG, Proparco, the EBRD and Rabobank, key partners in sourcing Diverse Sectors transactions, which should enhance our ability to source transactions that fits FMO’s objectives. We expect the joint office in South Africa to continue boosting FMO’s profile and business in the region.

Sustainability objectives for Diverse Sectors in the upcoming strategy period include gradually shifting to more environmentally-friendly industries and to cleaner technology for less environmentally-friendly industries. Where we are involved in projects with a significant negative environmental impact, the development impact must be very high. The measurement and assessment of these targets are currently being developed internally as part of our SHIFT project.