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Diverse Sectors closed a number of transactions last year in a range of industries, including telecoms, ports, aviation, greenhouses and tourism. Our activities in this sector are primarily focused on infrastructure deals.

We closed €186 million in new transactions in 2012.

Diverse Sectors infrastructure transactions in 2012 included FMO’s financing of a port facility in Togo and a toll bridge in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Financed by our Infrastructure Development Fund, the toll bridge will alleviate long-standing traffic problems in the city. We are proud of having contributed to an innovative financing package for this.  

We also provided a US$30 million loan to Continental Towers (CT), a wireless telecommunication tower infrastructure company with a current portfolio of 369 operational tower sites spread across Central America.

FMO played a leading role in financing a new waste processing plant in Bangkok for BMT-Group [link to case study], which specializes in the recycling and purification of mercury-contaminated waste, mainly produced by the natural gas and chlorine industry.

Another notable loan was made to Molecaten, a FOM client. The loan will help Molecaten expand its Robin Pope Safaris tourist activities in Malawi and Zambia, where it leads in the field of sustainable tourism.

Alongside the infrastructure projects in our portfolio, the range of transactions FMO is involved in reflects the varied nature of Diverse Sectors and the breadth of our local and global networks.

New Contracts per region 2011 vs 2012 (€xmln)

Latin America & the Caribbean3726
Eastern Europe & Central Asia2364
Non-region specific47

Committed Portfolio per region 2011 vs 2012 (€xmln)

Latin America & the Caribbean143169
Eastern Europe & Central Asia177162
Non-region specific3239

DII New Contracts per region 2011 vs 2012

Latin America & the Caribbean2517
Eastern Europe & Central Asia1340
Non-region specific34

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