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Consolidated profit and loss account

Interest income 226,976194,701
Interest expense -73,152-47,733
Net interest income(23)153,824146,968
Fee and commission income 7,3086,648
Fee and commission expense -167-165
Net fee and commission income(24)7,1416,483
Dividend income 17,20713,643
Results from equity investments(25)72,12632,128
Results from financial transactions(26)19913,282
Remuneration for services rendered(27)19,14618,435
Other operating income(28)1,8116,973
Total other income 110,48984,461
Total income 271,454237,912
Operating expenses   
Staff costs(29)-43,249-39,074
Other administrative expenses(30)-11,161-10,393
Depreciation and impairment(10)-1,779-1,891
Other operating expenses(31)-257-140
Total operating expenses -56,446-51,498
Operating profit before value adjustments 215,008186,414
Value adjustments on   
Equity investments and associates(6), (7)-22,797-36,298
Guarantees issued(8)6,25713,791
Total value adjustments -45,663-59,408
Share in the result of associates(7)4,033-9,253
Profit before taxation 173,378117,753
Income tax(32)-27,386-24,362
Net profit 145,99293,391
Net profit attributable to   
Owners of the parent company 145,91993,102
Non-controlling interests 73289
Net profit 145,99293,391

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