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Consolidated balance sheet at December 31

(before profit appropriation)Notes20122011
Short-term deposits(2)678,126498,787
Derivative financial instruments(3)280,195334,062
Loans to the private sector(4), (8)2,757,5972,522,112
Loans guaranteed by the State(5), (8)58,90662,550
Equity investments(6)890,530753,366
Investments in associates(7)23,15642,073
Interest-bearing securities(9)729,816671,578
Tangible fixed assets(10)11,6859,383
Deferred income tax assets(32)3,3933,682
Current income tax receivables(32)-4,560
Current accounts with State funds and other programs(11)1,060-
Other receivables(12)25,37632,896
Accrued income(13)78,98382,116
Total assets 5,561,3305,059,279
Short-term credits(15)240,445557,660
Derivative financial instruments(3)89,56066,038
Debt securities(16)15,14322,429
Debentures and notes(17)3,276,5072,656,111
Other liabilities(18)9,36414,188
Current accounts with State funds and other programs(19)322624
Current income tax liabilities(32)515-
Wage tax liabilities 2,1101,846
Deferred income tax liabilities(32)8,6454,501
Accrued liabilities(20)53,57655,099
Total liabilities 3,739,0103,394,689
Shareholders’ equity   
Share capital 9,0769,076
Share premium reserve 29,27229,272
Contractual reserve 893,184753,989
Development fund 657,981657,981
Available for sale reserve 193,009176,201
Translation reserve 2393,504
Other reserves 32,00429,860
Undistributed profit 6,7244,286
Shareholders’ equity (parent) 1,821,4891,664,169
Non-controlling interests 831421
Total shareholders’ equity(22)1,822,3201,664,590
Total liabilities and shareholders’ equity 5,561,3305,059,279
Contingent liabilities(33)92,392129,489
Irrevocable facilities(33)1,281,6871,188,756
Loans and equity investments managed for the risk of the State 1 652,607612,221
See segment reporting paragraph.

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