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Career Development and Training

Stimulating the professional and personal growth of our employees and matching their ambitions with available opportunities is a priority at FMO.

Employee evaluations are held twice a year. FMO’s Personal Development Plan helps staff assess their career and set long-term goals, which are supported by their managers and HR advisors. Employees can also make use of our Onboarding Program, which pairs new hires with more senior FMO staff in order to facilitate the acclimatization and learning process.

In 2012, we improved the structure of our management development program, which identifies candidates for senior management and Management Board positions. A Management Development Committee was set up, charged with appointing promising employees and supporting them with the development training necessary to potentially move into senior roles.

Other training opportunities include our FMO Academy, which enables our employees and partner organizations to enhance their knowledge on a variety of subjects relevant to our business. Through our 2011 pilot joint academy and training curriculum with DEG and Proparco, we continue to stimulate knowledge exchange and innovation via training and workshops, creating an international learning community and professional development finance network.

We continue to support young talent as a sponsor of the Student Entrepreneur Prize (‘STUOP’). In addition, our Young Talent Program invests in three promising young graduates per year, offering an extensive training opportunity across the bank to prepare them for an analyst role. Interest in this program is large, with 187 applicants for three positions in 2012.

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