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Capacity Development

During 2012, FMO made contributions to the value of €2.7 million to a total of 33 Capacity Development projects. The financing made available for capacity development comes from both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (€2.2 million in 2012) and FMO (€0.5 million).The majority of the CD projects were focused on supporting the development of SMEs through our Financial Institution clients based primarily in Africa and Asia.

The aim of CD is to facilitate knowledge transfer to our clients at the managerial and operational level to enable them to do sound business. As the program is based on client need, a wide range of projects were undertaken. However, focus areas included environmental and social management, corporate governance and supporting innovation and product development.

In 2013 we expect an increase in the number of projects and commitments, especially in Africa, and more focus on impact-based measurement of the contributions of Capacity Development.In the coming year CD expects a €3-3.5 million commitment from the Government and a €1-1.2 million commitment from FMO.